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"The game of life" selection from acrylic paint 2019

I am Solo Caminer (Soloart) graduate of "Bezalel" - Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Making art and design in the "Game of life" is the most exciting game in all the universe. The wisdom of kabbalah that I am studying for more than 30 years, teaches us that all the universe and earth were  created  for  each one of us . All our desires are accepted by the creation.
All men collection  is about 613 kinds of man desires created by the Power  which built the whole universe. This collection symbolize the agreement with that Power  which can change our future.  The "Bnei Baruh" organization target is to learn how we can feel and pray to the Power who create all the universe. I will donate 10% from my Nft project to "Bnei Baruh". Eny one who buy my nft items contribute also to that high target. He can consider himself that influence  for the ultimate way to change our future.


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